77 Percent Of Teens Say 'Teen Mom' Makes Parenting Look Hard

Unplanned Pregnancy Advice From MTV? Really?

Unplanned pregnancy advice

Again, we like the effect these MTV shows are having on teens' awareness and care. The only issue we see with this is that, rather than offering unplanned pregnancy advice in the abstinence vein alone, some teens may still throw caution to the wind, and then seek abortion to avoid the difficulties of teen parenting. We wish adoption got more attention as a good option for people who won't abstain.

Here's the article. Decide for yourself.


77 Percent Of Teens Say 'Teen Mom' Makes Parenting Look Hard

"The Christian Science Monitor reports a recent study by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen & Unplanned Pregnancy that 77 percent of teens now have a “better understand the challenges of pregnancy and parenting” due to the MTV shows."


So is this programming by MTV really helping prevent teen pregnancy? We certainly hope so! But if, rather than preventing unplanned pregnancy through its deterrent factor, it is instead boosting abortion rates, then maybe it's not such a good thing. 


Time will tell.