Abortion Cost versus Adoption Cost

Abortion Cost and Adoption Cost – A Comparison

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There is a significant difference in costs between abortion and adoption with regard to the birth mother.

We’ll discuss the emotional and societal costs below, but to start with, we will examine this topic in the monetary sense.

According to the Planned Parenthood website, the average cost for an abortion is about $300$950 in the first trimester, which will usually be paid by the birth mother or her originating family. Although there are some avenues for financial help with abortion expenses, those are subject to the legislative climate at any given time and are not a sure thing for every young woman with an unplanned pregnancy. Any individual pregnant woman may either not qualify, not know about sources, or those sources may have dried up. The result is an overall abortion cost paid by the pregnant woman, who is often young and of very limited means.

Now, contrast that level of expense with the birth mother’s expense when offering a child up for adoption through a private agency such as A Guardian Angel Adoptions. According to Kim P. Brown, Financial Director of AGAA, that cost is exactly zero. AGAA pays travel and lodging as delivery time approaches, medical costs associated with delivery, and a generous recovery stipend to cover the birth mother’s continuing expenses and loss of income for the six weeks immediately following the birth. Total out-of-pocket cost to the birth mother? Zero, with expenses covered generously.

Here are the simple numbers, spelled out:

Abortion = $300-$900; Adoption = far less than $0

Direct Financial Difference Between Abortion and Adoption: Many Thousands of Dollars

But the Actual Toll for Abortion Is Much Worse Than That

Now what about the emotional and societal costs of abortion versus adoption?

A major study reports that young, unwed mothers who abort their first pregnancy are more than twice as likely to develop symptoms of clinical depression eight years later. (See article on this study as it relates to relative cost here.)

The study shows the depression percentages are likely much higher than proved:

“Given the very high rate of concealment of past abortions ‘the fact that significant differences still emerged suggests that we are just catching the tip of the iceberg,’ said David C. Reardon, Ph.D., the study’s lead author.” He also states that there was “a four to six fold increased risk of suicide and substance abuse associated with prior abortion.” (Ibid.)

Depression diagnosis, treatment, and medicine means an overall cost for abortion being much higher than the dollar amount paid.

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Robert Leahy, Ph.D., Director, American Institute for Cognitive Therapy in New York City, as published in Huffington Post, states:

“The cost of depression (lost productivity and increased medical expenses) is $83 billion each year which exceeds the costs of the war in Afghanistan (Leahy, citing Greenberg, et al., 2003).” He further states that depression means “sadness, sense of isolation, feeling like a burden, inability to enjoy life, and–for 35,000 people every year–suicide (Joiner, 2010). In fact, people who are depressed are 30 times more likely to kill themselves than people who are not depressed (Hawton, 1992).” Add to that a likelihood of  drug abuse that is five times higher than those not depressed, and the cost for abortion, through the depression that so often follows, is very high indeed.

These studies show the abortion cost not discussed or thought of until it’s too late. There are no comparable costs associated with adoption.

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