Pregnant Teenager Advice – 5 Tips That Will Bring You Closer Together

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Pregnant Teenager Advice

Five tips That Will Bring You Closer

Your teenage daughter finally comes to you with the news that she’s pregnant. What will your reaction be? You may be shocked, disappointed, angry and frustrated, but should you react with these emotions? Should you yell and kick her out of the house?

How you react will determine how this new relationship with your daughter will go. Now that she is pregnant, she is coming into a whole new phase in her life. One that she won’t be ready for without the help and support of her parents and family.

Here are 5 tips for being the kind of parent your teenage/now adult daughter needs to get her through and bring you closer together as a family.


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1. Think about how your daughter feels. She is probably scared and terrified for what is to come. Dreams that she had for the future are now shattered. She may be feeling alone and worried about how her peers will see her. She might be worried about school and the consequences of choices she’ll have to make. So realize that your daughter is probably feeling a lot worse than you are at this moment. Kind words of love, hugs and a listening ear are what she needs now.


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2. Be supportive. Listen and help her to see that she is not alone. That you will be behind her and will help her to make the tough decisions that are coming.

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3. Discuss with your daughter the options she has. Make lists of the pros and cons of each one. How will each impact her life and the families lives? What would be best for the baby. Let her see that she has choices and that you will help her to find the right one for her. Help her to know that it is her choice and that you will stand by her whatever that choice will be. Share these choices with the father if he is able and willing to be involved.

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4. Get your daughter the proper medical attention. Encourage good health and hygiene.

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5. Along with the options concerning the child, also help your daughter know about the educational options she has. She will want to finish high school and maybe even go on to college or a trade school. Encourage education. She will benefit from school during the pregnancy as well as after. Education will open doors that would otherwise be shut.


This difficult time in your teenage daughter’s life can be made so much better depending on your reactions as parents. So stay optimistic. Love is the key. Understanding will come with this love, time, and with open lines of communication. Together you can do it!

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