Contraception Is Cheap Compared To The Cost Of An Unplanned Pregnancy

The Costs of Unplanned Pregnancy versus Contraception in the News Again

Not about unplanned pregnancy at all - just politics.

Here's our take on a recent non-debate about unplanned pregnancy and contraception costs. Here, we offer a tiny bite and a link to the two articles in question, then add our assessment at the end of this post.


Contraception Is Cheap Compared To The Cost Of An Unplanned Pregnancy

"And of course, there are the healthcare costs of being pregnant and delivering a baby – which American insurers are unsurprisingly keen to wriggle out of; just moving women from the pill to more-reliable long-acting reversible contraceptives like the …Business Insider"

…and now the source article that was roasted by the above article (notice the absence of any unplanned pregnancy rhetoric):


Noonan: The Democrats' Soft Extremism

Obama is out of ideas, and Clinton's speech was unworthy of him.

Wall Street Journal


 So here's our take: the British article, top above, made a debate where none existed. The source article was about bad partisan politics, not unplanned pregnancy or even contraception.

The WSJ article by Peggy Noonan was lamenting the DNC's decline into meaningless party-line when it could have done so much better. Unplanned pregnancy was not even remotely in the mix either in the WSJ article or in the Democratic National Convention itself, yet the first author extended a debate that had never actually been started.

We still feel that abstinence is a very strong form of birth control, and that birth control beats an unplanned pregnancy any day.

The interesting thing about partisan rhetoric is that it misses the obvious when it doesn't conform to the party line, regardless of which party promulgates it. In the event of an unwed, unplanned pregnancy, a mother has the choice of adoption, which virtually eliminates the costs of delivery (and many others), is orders of magnitude cheaper than the long-term costs of abortion, and blesses society to boot, turning a bad situation into a very good one for mother, baby, and society.

No, this article in Business Insider was not about comparing costs of unplanned pregnancy versus contraception. It was about politics, pure and simple.

should be prevented, by abstinence first, and by safe contraception if necessary, but adoption mitigates all the costs of unplanned pregnancy and saves at least two lives from bad results — which is why we do what we do!