Giving Up for Adoption

Giving Up for Adoption – Questions and Answers

First, we must state that the phrase “giving up for adoption” is not our favorite. It has a suggestion of loss that we have discovered is largely unfounded. Placing your baby for adoption can be the most loving and selfless act an unready birth mother can choose, because your baby’s life can turn out to be so beautiful!

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 Questions and Answers About Your Baby and Placing Your Child for Adoption

Q:    Isn’t Abortion Easier, Cheaper, and Faster?

A:    Not according to numerous studies. While the procedure may be fast compared to taking a baby to term, the long term costs, both financial and emotional, are huge, and most less experienced women have no idea because these studies have not been published where they could easily find them. For more information about abortion cost, click this link, or this link.

Q:    I’m frightened about carrying this baby to term, and about delivery. What about that?

A:    There is no question that it lasts nine months, and is sometimes uncomfortable, but millions of women like you get through it just fine each year. What’s more, when you consider the benefits of the adoption choice, our agency can pay your medical expenses and keep you in the care of some of the best medical professionals in the world, together with lovely, private housing as your delivery date approaches, with your family welcome, and loving helpers that genuinely respect you and care about you. You have nothing to worry about!

Q:    Can I even afford to place my baby for adoption?

A:    It costs you nothing! The fact is, not only do good private agencies like ours cover medical and near-term housing expenses, we also pay the maximum recovery stipend allowed by the law of each state to help get you back on your feet after you leave our housing. You also escape all the terrible expenses hidden behind the abortion trap (see the links above), or the lesser, but still, expansive costs of parenting your child when you’re not really ready.

Q:    Won’t I bond with my baby? Won’t it be so hard to give it up?

A:    There are some poignant moments, and anyone who tells you otherwise is not telling you the whole truth. But the knowledge that you are saving your baby from the poverty and hopelessness that often accompanies parenting from unplanned pregnancies, and above all, from the death sentence of abortion, makes a huge difference. We also provide ample counseling and compassionate help. The difficult times are completely overshadowed by the joys of knowing how beautifully you have provided for your child through the adoption process. Just watch any of our birth mother testimonials for a witness to that fact.

Q:    How can I find out more about my unplanned pregnancy, “giving up for adoption” or “placing,” and what my options are?

A:    Simply call our toll-free line anytime, 24/7, at 1-855-40-ANGEL (402-6435). We have knowledgeable, compassionate staff available 24/7 to answer your questions, regardless of whether you’ve decided to place your child for adoption. We really want to help you, so please call now!


Let us help you end the sadness and fears.

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