US Supreme Court case considering Indian adoption

Here's an interesting controversy about adoption.

Commentary by Arlen Card

Adoption - A happy solution?Native American children have been the subject of adoption for years. I, personally, know people who have had several of these children come to their home and grow to adulthood happily. Read this article, then come back and tell me what you think.


US Supreme Court case considering Indian adoption

"COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) The U.S. Supreme Court could be looking to invalidate a long-standing federal policy governing the adoption of Native American children. Later this year, the high court is set to hear an appeal from a South Carolina couple seeking …"


So What's Best for These Adopted Children?

Clearly, there is no bright-line rule of thumb about what's best for all Native American kids who might be eligible for adoption. But on a case-by-case basis, I believe the best path will be fairly obvious.

I do, however, welcome your thoughts on the matter. Please speak your mind….

Contraception Is Cheap Compared To The Cost Of An Unplanned Pregnancy

The Costs of Unplanned Pregnancy versus Contraception in the News Again

Not about unplanned pregnancy at all - just politics.

Here's our take on a recent non-debate about unplanned pregnancy and contraception costs. Here, we offer a tiny bite and a link to the two articles in question, then add our assessment at the end of this post.


Contraception Is Cheap Compared To The Cost Of An Unplanned Pregnancy

"And of course, there are the healthcare costs of being pregnant and delivering a baby – which American insurers are unsurprisingly keen to wriggle out of; just moving women from the pill to more-reliable long-acting reversible contraceptives like the …Business Insider"

…and now the source article that was roasted by the above article (notice the absence of any unplanned pregnancy rhetoric):


Noonan: The Democrats' Soft Extremism

Obama is out of ideas, and Clinton's speech was unworthy of him.

Wall Street Journal


 So here's our take: the British article, top above, made a debate where none existed. The source article was about bad partisan politics, not unplanned pregnancy or even contraception.

The WSJ article by Peggy Noonan was lamenting the DNC's decline into meaningless party-line when it could have done so much better. Unplanned pregnancy was not even remotely in the mix either in the WSJ article or in the Democratic National Convention itself, yet the first author extended a debate that had never actually been started.

We still feel that abstinence is a very strong form of birth control, and that birth control beats an unplanned pregnancy any day.

The interesting thing about partisan rhetoric is that it misses the obvious when it doesn't conform to the party line, regardless of which party promulgates it. In the event of an unwed, unplanned pregnancy, a mother has the choice of adoption, which virtually eliminates the costs of delivery (and many others), is orders of magnitude cheaper than the long-term costs of abortion, and blesses society to boot, turning a bad situation into a very good one for mother, baby, and society.

No, this article in Business Insider was not about comparing costs of unplanned pregnancy versus contraception. It was about politics, pure and simple.

should be prevented, by abstinence first, and by safe contraception if necessary, but adoption mitigates all the costs of unplanned pregnancy and saves at least two lives from bad results — which is why we do what we do!

Study: Abortion Increases Premature Birth Risk in Next Pregnancy

It was never just about the cost of the procedure…

Abortion Cost Issue Noted in Study

We have already explored studies that investigate the hidden costs of abortion, but we found this additional “cost” to be worth mentioning here. As you view the whole post excerpted here, we recommend that you follow the link to read the original study, rather than just take the journalist’s word for it.

Abortion cost - signpost Follow Me on Pinterest Study: Abortion Increases Premature Birth Risk in Next Pregnancy

“All first-time mothers with a singleton birth were identified in the nationwide Finnish Medical Birth Register (MBR) for the period 1996– 2008 and linked to the data in the Abortion Register (AR) for the period 1983 –2008. In total, 300 858 first-time …”


And here are our thoughts:

Abortion Cost Epiphany

Abortion cost is not limited to the fees for the procedure. The mental and physical health risks, and the ongoing expenses they give rise to, are extremely heavy, and we want
all women to understand the terrible but hidden risks they are taking on if they abort their pregnancy.

Are we biased? Of course! We want to give a loving home to those children who would otherwise be lost.

But we also care deeply about women who, through abortion of their unplanned pregnancy, unwittingly allow themselves to be victimized twice: once by an often-selfish birth father, and once more from the fallout of the abortion procedure. We do recommend you read this study and others (including our other abortion cost article and these videos) before you make a final decision. Don’t ignorantly accept the real abortion cost because it goes way beyond the cost of getting the procedure done.


Lori, Yvonne, and Kim

3 Unplanned Pregnancy Tips for Fast Peace of Mind

Unplanned Pregnancy:

You Can Get Real Peace of Mind During This Troubling Time

Unplanned Pregnancy Advice and Options Follow Me on Pinterest

When you find your self in an unplanned pregnancy situation, you likely feel confused, frustrated and frightened. Here are three quick tips to help you feel a lot better, and quickly!

First, share your burden with a trusted confidante (other than the father). This person may be one or both of your parents, an older brother or sister (this shared burden may be too much for a younger one). It may be a pastor, priest, or bishop. The most important thing is to find someone to help you share this burden who will give you wise, mature counsel without coming unglued over the situation.

If you have a decent or good relationship with a parent, they are often the best choice because they already love you, and they care about your happiness and future. They can offer daily physical and emotional comfort, and will understand your needs and moods better than anyone. Tell them about your unplanned pregnancy. Chances are, you’ll be really glad you did.

If your relationship with your parents rules them out as a support, then we believe the next best confidant is your local clergy leader. Again, they will have wisdom, and are likely to be far more helpful than judgmental. Additionally, most of them have a strict confidentiality rule, which means that they are not likely to tell anyone else.

Friends might be an option, but be careful. Friends sometimes don’t have the long-term view and perspective you might need, and their advice is often as emotion-colored as your own thoughts are likely to be. Peer advice in this situation can often turn out to be wrong, and leave you facing the consequences of their counsel.

Finally, if you have no one else to turn to, we recommend that you call one of our kind, compassionate, and expert staff (24/7, toll-free, 1-855-40-ANGEL). Yes we are an adoption agency, but we welcome your call even if you are leaning towards a different path, or have no idea what path you’ll choose. We have been down this unplanned pregnancy road with literally hundreds of women just like you, and we truly understand, and can offer real help, comfort, and support.

Second, take care of your own needs. Eat properly, get enough sleep (there are sleep aids that won’t harm a baby — ask your doctor), and take time to just, well, BE. You need peaceful time to calm down, to think, and to pray, if that’s part of your lifestyle.

You can only make good decisions when you aren’t feeling awful. If you are morning-sick with your pregnancy, then identify what times or circumstances help you feel most normal, and do your thinking and decision making during those times. Decisions made while feeling physically awful usually end up being bad ones.

Third, understand that many people before you have been where you are – caught in an unplanned pregnancy. You’re in good company. All of you are good-hearted people who accidentally got into a situation that left them with hard, long-term consequences. They survived, and even thrived, and so can you! You will get through this experience just fine, as long as you follow tips one and two, above.

One final note: we, the founders of A Guardian Angel Adoptions LLC, are all adoptive mothers ourselves. We have a deep love and appreciation for surprised, unwed mothers like you, because women like you provided the children we have loved and raised as our children, and that experience has been precious to us. Even if you don’t choose to place your baby for adoption, we love you and care about you, because we live in this world with expectant women every day. You’ll do fine. Get the help, love and support you need, and call us if you need us.

–Lori, Yvonne, and Kim


For more information that can help you during your unplanned pregnancy, click this statement.

Click here for videos about the outcomes of some unplanned pregnancy situations.


Unplanned Pregnancy Doesn’t Have to Ruin Your Life!

Teen Mom MTV Reality Show Breathes Its Last

Teen Mom Is Over:

Was This Show Worth the Hubbub?

For those who missed this, here’s a decent write-up of the TM finale. We’ll offer a little opionion below the link, below, and we also ask for yours.


‘Teen Mom’ series finale recap: ‘Wake Up’

“Like an unplanned pregnancy, we knew what was coming — and never expected it to hurt so much. In tonight’s (Aug. 29) “Teen Mom” series finale, we bid farewell to Maci Bookout, Farrah Abraham, Catelynn Lowell and Amber Portwood. After four seasons of … (blog)”


People either loved or hated this show, but we look at the Teen Mom phenomenon from a little different perspective.

Parenting is hard. It takes a lot of time, patience, and willingness to learn to do well. It is far more demanding when you’re a single parent. Times that by ten if you’re a teen mom. We feel there were times this show depicted the difficulty of unwed, teen parenting, but we believe there were also times that the experience was “Hollywood-ized.”

We love our birth moms, and we judge no one, since many of our birth mothers have previously had an abortion. But we do believe that each child can contribute beautiful things for the world if they’re allowed to live and grow. So, of we can help talk a distressed unwed mother-to-be to take her child to term, we feel like we’ve won a wonderful victory for the child, the woman, and the world.

At this point, for women who do not have the age, experience, or resources to parent the child well without messing up their own life, we do recommend that they consider adoption, so that a yearning couple can have the child they’ve always dreamed of having, and the young birth mother can have a reprieve from her life-rocking situation.

That’s why the MTV Teen Moms series has always gotten mixed reviews from us. Entertaining and engaging? Yes. Accurate and helpful to society? Not always.

We do believe, however, that even the way that the Teen Moms series has gathered public attention for the unplanned pregnancy problem, especially among the young women who are most victimized by this situation. We welcome your opinion on this, too. What did you feel about this series?

77 Percent Of Teens Say 'Teen Mom' Makes Parenting Look Hard

Unplanned Pregnancy Advice From MTV? Really?

Unplanned pregnancy advice

Again, we like the effect these MTV shows are having on teens' awareness and care. The only issue we see with this is that, rather than offering unplanned pregnancy advice in the abstinence vein alone, some teens may still throw caution to the wind, and then seek abortion to avoid the difficulties of teen parenting. We wish adoption got more attention as a good option for people who won't abstain.

Here's the article. Decide for yourself.


77 Percent Of Teens Say 'Teen Mom' Makes Parenting Look Hard

"The Christian Science Monitor reports a recent study by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen & Unplanned Pregnancy that 77 percent of teens now have a “better understand the challenges of pregnancy and parenting” due to the MTV shows."


So is this programming by MTV really helping prevent teen pregnancy? We certainly hope so! But if, rather than preventing unplanned pregnancy through its deterrent factor, it is instead boosting abortion rates, then maybe it's not such a good thing. 


Time will tell.

Preventing Unplanned Pregnancy Among … – The Hartwell Sun Online

Unplanned Pregnancy – New Preventative Resource Reported by Hartwell Sun Online

While we still believe deeply in the magic of abstinence for prevention of surprise pregnancy, for those who choose to be sexually active this news story seems to point to a believable resource. As always, we simply report what we find, and let you decide if it's for you.

Unplanned Pregnancy Options - Let Us Be a Resource for You


Preventing Unplanned Pregnancy Among Young Adults – The Hartwell Sun Online

"Nearly one in 10 unmarried young women (ages 20−29) has an unplanned pregnancy each year, according to data developed by the Guttmacher Institute and ……/56435757-f1ee-5ffc-8c0b-34694e92dd…"


If the above article is too little too late for you, and you already face an unplanned pregnancy, please contact us for our free information packet that can help you understand the adoption option before you make a final decision. Toll-free 1-855-40-ANGEL.

You can also get more related information here at this link.

Indiana May Fight Obama Admin to De-Fund Planned Parenthood

This is an interesting development in the abortion cost versus funding battle. 

Abortion cost debate rages onward

Indiana May Fight Obama Admin to De-Fund Planned Parenthood

"“This indicates that, while PPIN may not receive Medicaid reimbursements directly related to abortions, the Medicaid reimbursements it does receive are pooled or comingled with other monies it receives and thus help to pay for total operational costs …"


Because Planned Parenthood is known to help fund abortion costs, this topic remains controversial. It's always been a battle. We, of course, urge birth mothers with unplanned pregnancy to consider adoption if raising the child themselves would leave both them and their child in poor financial and social condition. We will continue to follow this issue as news arises.

See an article on the abortion cost topic here.

Progress on teen pregnancy could be lost, experts warn

Unplanned Pregnancy in Teens…

Coming "Off the Ropes?"

unplanned pregnancy options

While we offer a safe harbor and positive outcome for pregnant teens, we cheer for the recent decline in teen pregnancies. We are also concerned that this improvement might lose ground. Read this whole article from AJC, and decide for yourself if our nation is at risk for an increase in teen pregnancy.


Progress on teen pregnancy could be lost, experts warn

"In communities nationwide, the tide has turned against teen pregnancy, said Bill Albert, an official at the National Campaign to Prevent Teen & Unplanned Pregnancy. "The decline…has been nothing short of extraordinary," he said. "We have seen more …"

We are both against unplanned pregnancy — especially teen pregnancy — and also entrepreneurs, deeply affected by the behavior of the federal government. We believe there is a way to keep funding for such educational initiatives alive and not raise taxes to do so. In the end, though, we must help our children keep their childhood, and not fall into difficult circumstances out of ignorance.

If you or anyone you know is facing an unplanned pregnancy, please call us (confidential) for answer to your questions, and access to our free information kit.

Unplanned pregnancy advice and help

Robin Roberts Battling MDS – Take Courage


UPA Sends Our Best Wishes to Good Morning America’s Stricken Host Robin Roberts as She Battles MDS

(Excerpt from announcement on HuffPo below; click on active links to go to full article.)


For Robin Roberts

Robin Roberts MDS: ‘GMA’ Co-Host Announces She Has Bone Marrow Disease, Will Undergo Transplant (VIDEO)

The Huffington Post  |  By Posted: 06/11/2012 8:51 am Updated: 06/11/2012 3:57 pm


An emotional Robin Roberts announced on Monday that she has been diagnosed with a rare blood and bone-marrow disorder called MDS, and will undergo a bone marrow transplant.

Speaking on “Good Morning America” and writing on a blog post, Roberts said the disease was once called preleukemia, and is a complication from the treatment she received to beat breast cancer in 2007.

On the “GMA” website, Roberts wrote that, while there are some “scary” statistics about the disease… (click here to read more)



Ms. Roberts has already fought off breast cancer bravely, and we, the editors of Unplanned Pregnancy wish her all the best in this new challenge. Our prayers are with you, Robin.

Commentary: Considering Medication When You’re Pregnant And Depressed

This Commentary About Pregnant Women Taking Depression Medication — Unplanned Pregnancy or Not — Is Illuminating, But Is It Definitive? You Decide.

(Click any active link in the excerpt below to go to the full article. Note that the author doesn’t seem to report any conclusions about actual dangers of continuing medications into pregnancy until about halfway down the page. Skip to there if you are impatient.)


Commentary: Considering Medication When You’re Pregnant And Depressed

“Stigma, fear and lack of knowledge may lead women to stop treatment prematurely (often upon discovery of an unplanned pregnancy). Discontinuing medication, especially when it is done abruptly, can expose women to a host of other problems.WBUR”

 This really is a difficult issue. We at AGAA urge every pregnant woman to exercise caution and wisdom in every case when medication is indicated for her, but might harm her baby.


If you are pregnant, unmarried, and don’t feel ready to parent this child, please call us to see how our experience can help you:

unplanned pregnancy medication issues - use caution and professional advice!

Recent MTV Programming – Is It Reducing Unplanned Pregnancies in Teens?

Is MTV Actually Helping in the Fight Against Unplanned Pregnancy?


MTV has apparently helped stem the tide of teen pregnancy a little, which is a very good thing. They also depict how difficult it can be to parent a baby before you're ready. The question is, do these shows on cable have more extended effects than to reduce the teen pregnancy rate? If a young woman makes a string of decisions that leave her facing an unplanned pregnancy, do these shows influence the decision of what to do next? In other words, for the already-pregnant teen mom, do these reality shows increase the likelihood of placing a child for adoption, of parenting the child, or do they increase the likelihood of abortion instead? We have not seen any study data on this question.

Is MTV's '16 and Pregnant' helping reduce teen pregnancy?

"The nonprofit National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy says the MTV programs, and other depictions of teen pregnancy in the media, have made teens more aware of the risk of getting pregnant. Parkland High School student Alexandria …Allentown Morning Call",0,3827487.story


Our Take on the Unplanned Pregnancy and Adoption Issues Relative to the MTV Programming:

We applaud the effect these shows have on reducing the teen pregnancy rate, but we do wonder if these depictions of the dificulty of teen-aged parenting leave those already in the conundrum more likely to abort or to place the baby for adoption. If anyone has data on this, we would love to feature it here.

Call for Lobbying Filmmakers in the Family & Faith-Based Media Summit

Help convince these filmmakers to show adoption as a real solution to unplanned pregnancy.

While not related directly to adoption and unplanned pregnancy, this Family & Faith-Based Entertainment Summit, as announced in Variety online, could be a good place for those who are pro-adoption to influence that large circle of filmmakers to start favoring not just faith or morality-centered films such as last years “Fireproof,” but to simply create films that tell stories of people blessing other people’s lives, as in the win-win-win scenario of private adoption.

We encourage all who believe in what we’re doing to rally behind the practice of adoption so that it is prominently shown in the media in its proper, positive light.

Family Fest in College Station, TX, to Explore Unplanned Pregnancy Options

Adoption Speaker at College Station, TX, Event Follow Me on Pinterest

College Station, TX

A “Family Fest” full of fun activities is planned for Saturday, May 19, 2012, and will feature an appearance by Rodney Adkins speaking about adoption. Texans, get details on this full-featured family event (including games, rides, and a semi-famous country singer) at the KBTX station website by clicking on this text.