No-Cost Webinar Answers Your Personal, Unplanned Pregnancy Questions in Complete Privacy.

Now You Can Ask Lori, Yvonne, and Kim your personal questions about your unplanned pregnancy in complete privacy.

Unplanned Pregnancy Experts Lori, Kim, and Yvonne.

When you attend this webinar, you can get direct, real-time answers to your urgent questions about your situation from some of the most experienced experts in the unplanned pregnancy world. They have many years of experience with the issues of unwanted pregnancy, the emotional roller-coaster that you’re on, and the short-term and long-term results of adoption, abortion, and parenting the child yourself.

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Lori, Yvonne, and Kim are all adoptive mothers themselves, and have assisted many hundreds of people just like you by giving them the information they critically need, and they do it without judging you or disclosing your identity or situation to anybody.

You can join the webinar at its next scheduled time by clicking on the red “Sign Up” text above or below, and providing only your name and email address on the sign-up page. (We will keep your last name and location totally confidential, using only your first name to identify whose question we are answering.) You will be reminded of the webinar via email several times, and may receive some follow-up messages with the latest information to help you, but your personal information will never be shared for any reason.

On the webinar, one of these experts will present a brief overview of things to consider, and then they will open the webinar up for questions. The questions you type in will not be displayed to the other people attending, and you will be referred to by your first name only. No other identifying information will be given, and since no one can hear your voice, there is absolutely no chance of having your identity discovered. You can join us with confidence and peace of mind, and get clear answers from someone who genuinely understands and cares.

At the end of the webinar, you will be given an opportunity to receive a free, bonus information packet to help you sort things out, look at your options for your unplanned pregnancy, and make the best decision for you.

Simply click the red sign-up text below, enter your name and your best private email address on the sign-up page, and click the button: we will take care of the rest.

Sign Up Here for the Unplanned Pregnancy Q & A Webinar on December 6th

Remember, this is your chance to get your most important questions answered anonymously by experts in the unplanned pregnancy world.