Recent MTV Programming – Is It Reducing Unplanned Pregnancies in Teens?

Is MTV Actually Helping in the Fight Against Unplanned Pregnancy?


MTV has apparently helped stem the tide of teen pregnancy a little, which is a very good thing. They also depict how difficult it can be to parent a baby before you're ready. The question is, do these shows on cable have more extended effects than to reduce the teen pregnancy rate? If a young woman makes a string of decisions that leave her facing an unplanned pregnancy, do these shows influence the decision of what to do next? In other words, for the already-pregnant teen mom, do these reality shows increase the likelihood of placing a child for adoption, of parenting the child, or do they increase the likelihood of abortion instead? We have not seen any study data on this question.

Is MTV's '16 and Pregnant' helping reduce teen pregnancy?

"The nonprofit National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy says the MTV programs, and other depictions of teen pregnancy in the media, have made teens more aware of the risk of getting pregnant. Parkland High School student Alexandria …Allentown Morning Call",0,3827487.story


Our Take on the Unplanned Pregnancy and Adoption Issues Relative to the MTV Programming:

We applaud the effect these shows have on reducing the teen pregnancy rate, but we do wonder if these depictions of the dificulty of teen-aged parenting leave those already in the conundrum more likely to abort or to place the baby for adoption. If anyone has data on this, we would love to feature it here.