Study: Abortion Increases Premature Birth Risk in Next Pregnancy

It was never just about the cost of the procedure…

Abortion Cost Issue Noted in Study

We have already explored studies that investigate the hidden costs of abortion, but we found this additional “cost” to be worth mentioning here. As you view the whole post excerpted here, we recommend that you follow the link to read the original study, rather than just take the journalist’s word for it.

Abortion cost - signpost Follow Me on Pinterest Study: Abortion Increases Premature Birth Risk in Next Pregnancy

“All first-time mothers with a singleton birth were identified in the nationwide Finnish Medical Birth Register (MBR) for the period 1996– 2008 and linked to the data in the Abortion Register (AR) for the period 1983 –2008. In total, 300 858 first-time …”


And here are our thoughts:

Abortion Cost Epiphany

Abortion cost is not limited to the fees for the procedure. The mental and physical health risks, and the ongoing expenses they give rise to, are extremely heavy, and we want
all women to understand the terrible but hidden risks they are taking on if they abort their pregnancy.

Are we biased? Of course! We want to give a loving home to those children who would otherwise be lost.

But we also care deeply about women who, through abortion of their unplanned pregnancy, unwittingly allow themselves to be victimized twice: once by an often-selfish birth father, and once more from the fallout of the abortion procedure. We do recommend you read this study and others (including our other abortion cost article and these videos) before you make a final decision. Don’t ignorantly accept the real abortion cost because it goes way beyond the cost of getting the procedure done.


Lori, Yvonne, and Kim