Teen Mom MTV Reality Show Breathes Its Last

Teen Mom Is Over:

Was This Show Worth the Hubbub?

For those who missed this, here’s a decent write-up of the TM finale. We’ll offer a little opionion below the link, below, and we also ask for yours.


‘Teen Mom’ series finale recap: ‘Wake Up’

“Like an unplanned pregnancy, we knew what was coming — and never expected it to hurt so much. In tonight’s (Aug. 29) “Teen Mom” series finale, we bid farewell to Maci Bookout, Farrah Abraham, Catelynn Lowell and Amber Portwood. After four seasons of …Zap2it.com (blog)”


People either loved or hated this show, but we look at the Teen Mom phenomenon from a little different perspective.

Parenting is hard. It takes a lot of time, patience, and willingness to learn to do well. It is far more demanding when you’re a single parent. Times that by ten if you’re a teen mom. We feel there were times this show depicted the difficulty of unwed, teen parenting, but we believe there were also times that the experience was “Hollywood-ized.”

We love our birth moms, and we judge no one, since many of our birth mothers have previously had an abortion. But we do believe that each child can contribute beautiful things for the world if they’re allowed to live and grow. So, of we can help talk a distressed unwed mother-to-be to take her child to term, we feel like we’ve won a wonderful victory for the child, the woman, and the world.

At this point, for women who do not have the age, experience, or resources to parent the child well without messing up their own life, we do recommend that they consider adoption, so that a yearning couple can have the child they’ve always dreamed of having, and the young birth mother can have a reprieve from her life-rocking situation.

That’s why the MTV Teen Moms series has always gotten mixed reviews from us. Entertaining and engaging? Yes. Accurate and helpful to society? Not always.

We do believe, however, that even the way that the Teen Moms series has gathered public attention for the unplanned pregnancy problem, especially among the young women who are most victimized by this situation. We welcome your opinion on this, too. What did you feel about this series?

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