Unplanned Pregnancy AGAA Infographic 7

Unplanned Pregnancy Infographic Number Seven

Here is our latest infographic about unplanned pregnancy. We like infographics because they inform in a visually rich way, like online posters. If you like this one, will you please spread the word by pinning it on Pinterest, sharing its link on Facebook, tweeting it on Twitter? Your link may catch the eyes of someone who needs exactly this information at a crucial time in their life. Even if you don’t know someone right now who needs this, you never know where a link will turn up, and if a young mother-to-be sees this, and chooses adoption instead of termination or parenting their child in poverty and at the sacrifice of their own hopes and dreams, then we’ve all done a very good deed. Thanks!

So here is…

Our Unplanned Pregnancy Infographic #7

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So that’s our “Unplanned Pregnancy Infographic #7.”

We hope you like it and will share it. Remember that pieces like this, shared generally, tend to find their way to those who need them. Again, thank you!

If you or someone you know needs to talk to someone about their unplanned pregnancy, please let us help:

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