Unplanned Pregnancy What to Do – A Checklist for the Adoption Option

Unplanned Pregnancy What to Do Checklist

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Unplanned Pregnancy – What Should You Do?

When you discover you have an unplanned pregnancy it occupies all your thoughts. You are probably feeling alone, scared, and totally unsure of your next step. Let us help you see that with your unplanned pregnancy what to do doesn’t have to be something that ruins your life. You have wonderful options available to you!

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We hope you will consider calling us so one of our experienced, kind and understanding staff can talk you through your options and the possibility of adoption. As just a brief overview, though, here are the steps that our 1,000+ young birth mothers have followed as we’ve taken them under our wing, and helped them to what we truly believe to be the best option – adoption into one of our carefully screened families so that your baby can have a bright, full future … and so can you!

Our Simple Step-by-Step Process:

  1. Contact us on our Toll-Free birth parent line 1-855-40-ANGELĀ  24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a candid and confidential conversation about your options and next steps.
  2. Receive your packet of info from us in the mail.
  3. Complete and return all forms in the envelope provided along with a proof of pregnancy from your doctor or local clinic.
  4. Expect a call from a caring member of our staff.
  5. Discuss your adoption plan.
  6. We’ll make travel/living arrangements.
  7. A case manager will meet you at the airport if you choose to travel here (beautiful Utah).
  8. You can choose your adoptive family.
  9. Begin making a plan for delivery and placement with your counselor.
  10. Your birth parent coordinator will be with you through the labor and delivery of your baby so you will not be alone.
  11. You’ll sign your adoption documents (consenting to the adoption) no sooner than 24 hours after the baby is born.
  12. During your adoption process, you will have understanding, love and support.
  13. You will get as many as 10 days at your apartment to rest and recover from your delivery.
  14. We’ll arrange travel plans for you to go back home.
  15. You will receive medical confinement expenses to assist you financially while you are medically restricted due to your delivery and placement.

Your Unplanned Pregnancy: What to Do, How and When

Because we have walked so many young, unwed mothers through this process, we absolutely know how to help you, comfort you, and advise you on your situation, what to do and when to do it. Your most important next step is to call us now!

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Your call is toll-free, strictly confidential, and will be the start of peace of mind and happiness for you.

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For a cool infographic about unplanned pregnancy choices, click this link.

Unwanted Pregnancy-related Statistics and More Information

For outside information on unplanned pregnancy, what to do and how, click this link to go to Wikipedia, although this article only talks about doom and gloom, and doesn’t even consider adoption as a solution for most of the negative statistics they present.