Adoption in Texas – Testimonial 08

Adoption in Texas

Birthmother Testimonial 08

While focusing on unwed mothers-to-be in Texas, this message is for everyone in this situation, anywhere in the U.S.

(Identity, voice, and photo of actual birthmother withheld for privacy — letter on file.)

 Adoption in Texas is not limited to Texas-based agencies. A Guardian Angel Adoptions LLC has arranged the placement of many children from many states of the U.S., giving the birthmothers a wonderful, supportive experience, with the best of health care, expenses well covered, and above all, respect and support throughout the experience.


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If you are pregnant but not married, please call us now! Even if you choose not to proceed with adoption, at least you can get your questions answered, and really understand this option. Above all, we can offer you a loving, caring, respectful sounding-board, an experienced source of information, and quite possibly a new set of friends! Please call us now, 24/7.



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