Unplanned Pregnancy – Testimonial 01

Unplanned Pregnancy

Testimonial Video 01

Unplanned pregnancy is hard enough without everyone shouting instructions at you. This is the first video of the testimonials we have on file from actual birthmothers who placed their their child for adoption. This isn’t us talking — this is your peer. The only advice you should take without reservation is the advice of someone who’s been right where you are — your peer.

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Just listen to your peers who have experience on this. This really can all end well for you! So many have found that placing this surprise child for adoption gets them out of a hard situation, yet without the long-lasting troubles that so often come through abortion, and gives their child a life full of love and relative prosperity. They feel that everyone wins, especially with the important differences our agency offers. Please call us to find out more:

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Our own viewpoint

Above all, talk to someone who both has your trust and also has wisdom – a parent, a pastor, bishop, or other clergy, or a social worker. Find someone who thinks in the long-term, instead of just a quick fix. With this situation, as with everything, the best results usually come with a strong view at the long-term future.