Good Reasons to Choose Adoption Instead of Abortion

Adoption vs Abortion

Good Reasons Why Adoption Beats Abortion Hands Down…

Below you will find good reasons to choose carrying your pregnancy to term and placing the baby for adoption, rather than choosing abortion. Sometimes these choices can be based on religious grounds, but all judgment aside, the videos below show how giving a human being to the world can be such a blessing to society.

Ignore all the religionists’ and moralists’ condemnations of abortion, and you still see overwhelming reasons to choose adoption and reject abortion.

So, please, think about all the good this child can do as he or she grows up.

If you place the baby for adoption through a reputable, licensed adoption agency, instead of choosing to terminate your pregnancy and end the life of the child, there is a very high chance that he or she will have a happy, comfortable, and fulfilling life.

Please call us now to discuss your options … you might be doing the world a huge favor!

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Or, you can see more information about why adoption beats abortion here.

Please take the time to show this material to someone you trust to look after your long-term happiness, and discuss these options with them. What seems easiest in the short term can end up being a nightmare in the long-term. Make no hasty decisions here, please. There is time to think and feel and choose.

Also, if you’ve terminated a pregnancy early in the past, please know that we at A Guardian Angel Adoptions do not judge you — we simply love you. We (the Directors) are all adoptive mothers ourselves, and so we are intimately involved in this beautiful work. Call with confidence — you’ll be treated with compassion and respect, not pity or judgment.

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See more abortion survivor videos here.

Remember, adoption with us gets your expenses covered, the best of medical care, a recovery stipend, and a happy ending for everyone!