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Unplanned Pregnancy Help & Options Explored

The turmoil of your unplanned pregnancy can become relief, peace and direction.


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Unplanned pregnancy help can come from many different directions:

There’s no need to keep your unplanned pregnancy 100% secret. There are certain people you should definitely talk with, so that they can help you.

One of the best unplanned pregnancy help resources is a close family member. Another can be a trusted member of the clergy — a pastor, bishop, etc. Also, a neutral but compassionate counselor can be an immense unplanned pregnancy help resource. If you can speak openly with someone about your situation — without fear of judgment or reprisals of any kind — your ability to decide which path to take becomes so much easier. A trustworthy confidante can act like a splint, binding up your broken today so it can become a whole and healthy tomorrow.

Take your time in deciding. Carpenters measure twice before sawing a board, and doctors and lawyers meticulously check facts before committing to a course of action. If soldiers act on incomplete information, it can be downright deadly. We invite you to be just as careful with your decision in your current situation. We would welcome your call (toll-free), and the opportunity to speak to you in confidence, and share 1,000 adoptions worth of wisdom with you. Maybe this option isn’t for you, but if it is, we have a plan for making your experience a wonderful and positive experience. Please call us now!

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