Why We Can Help You With Your Unplanned Pregnancy


Unplanned Pregnancy Is a Life-Disrupting Situation – Meet Three Women Who Can Absolutely Help You


  • Lori A. Laird, Director of Birthmother Services

Lori has years of experience overseeing and supervising all aspects of the Birthmother Service department. Her department truly expresses the love and gratitude she feels for each birthmother, no matter the circumstance of the unplanned pregnancy. Lori has created a unique kinship and caring relationship with over 6,000 birth mothers over the past ten years, with as many unplanned pregnancy situations well-resolved. Birthmothers seek her special gift of guidance and assurance on the adoption journey because she is such a strong and compassionate guide.

Lori has organized and completed a Sub-for-Santa program for hundreds of needy women and children in the inner-city projects. She is actively involved in the Families for African American Awareness support group since 1997. Lori is a member of UAC (Utah Adoption Council) and NACAC (North American Council on Adoptable Children.)

Lori and her husband have six children. She loves to go camping and four wheeling with her family. And she’d love to help you, young birth mothers, to the happiest resolution of your unplanned pregnancy.

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  • Yvonne M. Johanson, Director of Adoptive Family Services

Yvonne previously directed the Adoptive Family department for a local adoption agency. This is where she discovered her love and privilege of bringing birthmothers and adoptive families together. Yvonne is now the Director of the Adoptive Family department for A Guardian Angel Adoptions, LLC, and owns the agency along with three of her closest friends. Yvonne has had the privilege of leading hundreds of families and birth mothers through their adoption experience, helping to establish a bond between the two.

Yvonne has been actively involved in the Primary Presidency of the Genesis Group as well as in Families for African American Awareness. She has also volunteered for the Ouelessebougou Utah Alliance. Yvonne has trained with NACAC and is a member of and the 2006-07 President of the Utah Adoption Council. She has also presented at the UAC annual adoption conference on “Parenting The Transracially Adopted Child”.

Yvonne is married to Jack and is the Mother of four children. Joshua, Taylor, Lauren and Elijah. Her greatest joy comes from parenting her children and seeing them grow. In her spare time Yvonne loves to be on the water, boating with her family.

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  • Kim P. Brown, Director of Financial Services

Kim is the Director of Financial Services. She has several years of experience in the adoption field and has helped hundreds of adoptive families navigate the financial and medical aspects of their adoption. She oversees all the financial operations of A Guardian Angel Adoptions, LLC. Kim works closely with tax accountants, auditors and financial professionals to provide expert management of adoption funds for birthmothers and adoptive families. Kim is a great asset to our team in networking with our medical staff to obtain wonderful medical services for our birthmothers and babies. Kim also negotiates fair medical fees for our adoptive families. She is a strong and dynamic leader and passionate about her position at A Guardian Angel Adoptions, LLC, and helping resolve unplanned pregnancies positively.

Kim has her Master of Education degree in Instructional Technology from Utah State University 2005. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Education/Administrative Systems with a minor in Business Administration from Utah State University. Kim is an Assistant Professor in Digital Media at Utah Valley University.

Kim and her husband, Michael, have three children. She loves to spend time watching her children grow and develop in sports, dance and gymnastics. She loves being home and managing daily life for her family every chance she can.

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Unplanned Pregnancy Doesn’t Have to Ruin Your Life.

A great many young women just like you have had wonderful experiences by talking to these women about their unplanned pregnancy.

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Let us help you with your unplanned pregnancy!

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You can bring your unplanned pregnancy to term and bring a beautiful person into the world without giving up your own youth.